Juvenile justice

AB 12 Probation

Collateral consequences

Materials about the long and short term consequences of juvenile court involvement, including advocacy to reduce the impact and materials for youth and families.

Competence to stand trial

Legal and policy analyses and practice materials on how to handle youth who are potentially or actually incompetent to stand trial because of cognitive limitations, mental disorders, immaturity or other factors that impede their ability to assist in the defense of their case or to understand the nature of the proceedings.


Materials on the use of data in juvenile justice to inform policy and understand system performance, including reports from a YLC sponsored project to improve juvenile justice data systems in California.


Materials on YLC\\\'s advocacy to reduce the use of detention in juvenile justice. Also, litigation materials from YLC cases challenging conditions and treatment in juvenile detention centers.

Disposition / placement

Materials relating a variety of placement and dispoisition issues, including how to access needed funding; addressing delays in placement, and placement of transition aged youth.


Materials on gang policy and evidentiary issues in cases involving gang allegations in delinquency cases.

Juvenile justice legal issues

Materials from YLC\\\\\\\'s advocacy in relation to juvenile court law and procedure, including legislation, court rules, and amicus briefs.

Juvenile justice reform

Materials from YLC\\\'s advocacy in relation to juvejile justice system reform, including systemic reform, institutional reform, and reform of state and federal laws pertaining to juveniles.


Materials on the rights of youth in parole proceedings, including YLC litigation to improve due process in parole proceedings.

Training school

Materials on the treatment of youth in long term commitment facilities, often referred to as training schools, including mateirals from YLC litigation over conditions and treatment in specific training schools.