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S.B. 206/261 Resources

Resource list for SB 260/26 - Sentencing Review for Juveniles Tried as Adults in California MORE

SB 260/261 Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on S.B. 260/261 - Sentencing Review for Juveniles Tried as Adults in California MORE

People v. Gutierrez - CA Supreme Court opinion

Decision of California Supreme Court in People v. Gutierrez MORE

Overview of S.B. 260 (Hancock) Sentencing Review for Juveniles Tried as Adults in California

Factsheet on SB 260 that decribes the problem, S.B. 260 and how S.B. 260 is to be implemented. MORE

Amicus Curiae Brief of PJDC and YLC

Amicus Curiae Brief of PJDC and YLC in People v. Gutierrez MORE

FCLCA Newsletter Summer 2013

YLC Staff Attorney Sue Burrell was interviewed by the Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA) about legislation that would provide an opportunity for review of lengthy sentences for juv... MORE

Life Term Unconstitutional for Juvenile, State High Court Rules

LA Times article about the decision in Caballero for which Sue Burrell wrote an amicus. MORE

Supplemental Amicus Curiae Letter of Pacific Juvenile Defender Center and Juvenile Law Center on Behalf of Defendant and Appellant Rodrigo Caballero

Sue Burrell wrote this letter on behalf of the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center to the Honorable Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court to answer the court's question of wh... MORE

Application of Pacific Juvenile Defender Center for Leave to File Amicus Curiae Brief on Behalf of Appellant Rodrigo Caballero, and Amicus Curiae Brief

This amicus curiae brief was filed on behalf of appellant Rodrigo Caballero. The issue in appellant's case concerned whether a sentence, imposed on a juvenile convicted of committing non-homicide off... MORE

Graham v. Sullivan Amicus

The Youth Law Center is one of the Amici Curiae in this brief to the Supreme Court supporting the elimination of life without possibility of parole. MORE

SB 1223 (Kuehl) - 2003-2004 California Legislative Session

This is a bill sponsored by the Youth Law Center, which would have provided for resentencing of juveniles tried as adults after they serrved 10 years or reached age 25. The bill was not enacted, but ... MORE

This "Unsung Hero" was a Convicted Murderer Until Gov. Brown Set in Free

http://www.ocregister.com/common/printer/view.php?db=ocregister&id=739674 – Article on former YLC Unsung Hero. MORE

Juveniles and California's Criminal Justice System - FCLCA.org Newsletter

http://www.fclca.org/images/stories/pdfs/summer2013revised.pdf – In this interview with Sue Burrell, she discusses SB 260 that offers hope to young people who were sentenced to lengthy adult prison terms. The interview begins on page 4 in the Summer 2013 issue of ... MORE