Public Comments from Youth Advocates on DHHS ORR PREA Commnets

Public Comments from Youth Advocates on Department of Health and Human Services' Interim Final Rule to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment Involving Unaccompanied Childr... MORE

San Diego City Beat "Legislation seeks to end isolation in juvenile facilities"

Article in San Diego City Beat on SB 124 (Leno), a in the California legislature that would limit the use of isolation in juvenile facilities in California, MORE

Letter to Santa Clara Board of Supervisors

Letter from YLC to Santa Clara Board of Supervisors opposing use of pepper spray in juvenile hall. MORE

YLC Statement on Solitary Confinement

Statement of the Youth Law Center, Reassessing Solitary Confinemnet II: The Human Rights, Fiscal and Public Safety Consequences, Hearing Before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, C... MORE

The Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards - Comments from Youth Advocates on Minimum Staffing Ratios in Juvenile Facilities

Youth Law Center joined other advocacy organizations in submitting formal comments to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting that the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) regulations retain staffing ra... MORE

Protecting Youth in the PREA National Standards

These are public comments from youth advocates on proposed standards for the implementation of the National Prison Rape Elimination Act. Although the organizatons support many of the draft regulation... MORE

D.J.R. v. Christean Consent Decree

D.J.R. v. Christean was a federal civil rights class action which challenged the use of excessive and unnecessary 'preventive' pretrial detention of children in the Salt Lake County Detention Center. ... MORE